Discover Scuba Diving

A PADI program that will allow you to discover the underwater world under the watchful eye and supervision of our PADI Instructors.

3 Steps Program
  • Theory class (about 20 mins)
  • Pool session 
  • 2 Dives in the Ocean
Delicious World

Theory Class

You will get to know how to be comfortable underwater, how to use the equipment and what you will practice in the pool.

Beach Heat

Pool Session

You will try the equipment and you will be breathing underwater!! You will get to practice basic skills that will guarantee you a safe and comfortable dive. (Aprox 1 hour)


Ocean Dives

You will make 2 dives in the sea accompanied by our experienced PADI Instructors.

You will get to see a magic world covered by corals and populated by the most diverse kind of fishes, turtles and who knows,,,, Maybe even Mantas!!!

But be carefull!!! You have high chances to fall in love with Scuba Diving and the beauty of our seas! 

Price: 1.500.000 Rp

Includes Theory Class, Pool session, 2 dives and small diploma!. On the boat you will get lunch, snacks and refreshments and plenty of fun!                         
    Looking to do 1 or 3 dives instead of 2?
    Private instructor and schedule?
Cables and Balls